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Bunkies Speak:

This is my third time here but first guestbook entry. I had to this time. I was impressed.

Many of the other entries echos my sentiments and is oft repeated, so I shan't. The nudge that prompted my entry was the constant 'evolvement' bit that I read in the site's latest update. They're not kidding and neither am I. I saw them grow with my very own eyes. Saw them change for the better. Saw them evolve.

I have heard many times of promises and things to come, but they barely materalise. I came, I heard, I saw. I'm impressed. These people take their fun very seriously and have managed to perfect the balance to keep the karma of the hostel in check. Their level of commitment, mental, physical, financial is impressive to say the least. It's not easy to run a setup like this, I know, I've tried. Give this man a Tiger!

Matther Davis
A Canadian in Sveeden!

Even after having left the hostel sometime back. The thought of the funky pad never fails to bring a smile to my face. The thirst for travel stems from experiences like those gathered from this hostel. After having traveled through South East Asia, it is only natural to harbor a sense of distrust as it is almost a daily occurrence to face mercenaries of sorts, especially for us Brits. Here at The Inncrowd, I felt at my most comfortable.

As we first stepped into the hostel after having made our was down from up north, the sight of the establishment that greeted us was one of warmth and cosy friendship. The posh décor and abundant facilities belies the fun nature of the hostel. Hai, the owner and operator of the hostel, and I fell into easy banter almost immediately. He’s a funny guy. The fact that other that stepped in after us thought that we’d been the longest of friends bears testaments to his easy going nature and demeanor.

When we, Abby, Claire, Steffy and I met up last, we were still waxing lyrical over the very excellent end of our RTW trip at The Inncrowd. We wondered if we would have view it any different had we not been there.

Much has been vaunted about this hostel by word of mouth, guidebooks, forums, etc, but, nothing can top the experience of simply being there. This many people cannot be far wrong.

Hai, for all your valuable time, effort and enthusiasm, we’d like to thank you, you make a difference.

Cherie Brunswick
Surrey, UK.

The hospitality extended to us far exceeded our expectations, and we were not even staying there. Hai's hilarious outings are second to none. We were introduced to the countless delights of what Singapore had to offer.

The attention paid to my wife's dietary needs left me totally speechless. That level of service was very impressive. More so since we are not the backpacking type staying with him, we're old fogies with a young mind.

Even though I have joined many conducted tours and comedy walks, Hai's side-splitting commentary was a class act in itself. It's been quite a few months since.

What prompted my entry into this guestbook was that since we came home from our holiday, your hospitality has been the highlight that stood out. We know hospitality. We own hotels. If you ever decide to come to our shores, you would shake the industry well and good. You have got out vote and we wish you all the best in your future and pray you succeed in all you aim to achieve. God bless you Hai.

James & Shelly Connor
Kensington - London

Tired, dirty, and alone was my state as I arrived at "The InnCrowd". Everyone (Hai, Ping, and a gang of fellow travelers) welcomed me with smiling faces, a place to rest, and a home cooked meal.

For a week, I have called this hostel home and am sad to have to say good-bye. As a solo traveler, I spend most of my time by myself but I have never felt lonely inside these walls. Within this hostel haven are not just bright cheerful colors, stylish decorations, and a place to sleep but a caring family.

Hai and Ping welcome each traveler into their home and their hearts. Hai will delight you with loads of knowledge about the great tourist adventures to be had in Singapore plus advice for the joys of your taste buds.

Ping has a heart of gold, always willing to listen and show you pictures of her cat. I know that I have been very lucky to live in this hostel for soon they will be booked months in advice.

Shannon Maloney
Solana Beach, CA

I was on the thorn tree and other travel sites looking a place to stay in Singapore. The Inncrowd came out more time than I really care to mention. I had my doubts about making a reservation at the Inncrowd when all I could find out about it was all good, NOTHING negative at all, it appeared that it was THE HOSTEL that could do no wrong. When something appears to be too good to be true it usually is. I have never been fortunate enough to have been able to accept at face value.

I stayed there for a couple of nights. My doubts were totally unfounded. The hostel deserves all the accolades and compliments it can get and more. Hai is a treasure trove of information and I am particularly impressed with his candid views and cut-to-the-chase demeanor. Behind the couldn't care less attitude lies a stickler for details.

I never claim to be the easiest of 'bunkies', but he had me covered, full time. Looking at the way he works should be an attraction in itself. The Inncrowd has changes my initial perception of Singapore totally, so much so that that it will feature itself again in my travel plans. Oh yes I will be coming back.

Sinead B
Borders are bothers

You open the door and you feel it "I'M home" expecting your Mother and father to run out in slow motion, lips pursed with readiness and open arms to a maximum, instead you find an excellent subsitute -Hai and Ping- the proud owners of the best hostel in our solar system.

you settle in here like an alkaseltser -hai and ping interact everyone together. This really breaks the ice and makes your stay much more enjoyable -

every evening there is something to do. hai and ping 1 or the other take time to show you around particular areas of the city as well as educating you on history current affairs etc of singapore.

it goes without saying that the hostel is 5 star to best describe the facilities.

The best way to run a hostel is the hai and ping way

thanks guys for making it 1 of the highlights of my worldtravels

Peter Dooley

Unbelieveably, today it is exactly 1 year since I first landed on The InnCrowd's doorstep! After (accidentally, thanks to Hai) spending the better part of 8 months here in Singapore I have seen The InnCrowd grow into the most lauded and appreciated hostel in the world and it deserves nothing less.

This place is so fantastic I have made it my full time home for the past 6mths! Hai and Ping, thank-you soooo much for becoming my Singaporean family, introducing me to so many aspects of Singapore culture I would never have seen otherwise, and most of all for being there as my friends. I have had one of the greatest years of my life, and you guys have had such a huge part in that.

Congratulations on everything you have achieved in your first year and 10 days, and good luck for your new endeavour...Lots and lots of love always Chelle xoxoxoxoxoxox

Michelle Kavanagh
Melbourne, Australia

This would be the 13th month on the road for me. I started with the Original InnCrowd as one of my first stops and passed through it again a year later.

This I have to say, over and above being the best hostel in the region, you have managed to progress to an even better one. But the part that stays with us would be the tremendous effort put in by Ping and Hai and the friendships that was made there.

The InnCrowd ROCKS! But you already knew that.

Liam (Wizard)
In Thailand with sand between my toes.

A mildly confused man lands in Singapore with nothing but a confirmation from Ping that a bed stands ready for him to crash into. The price was low just as my expectations having in mind the numerous places I have stayed at during my backpacking days. But, to my surprise everything was superbly prearranged, very clean and all equipped with brand new furniture from IKEA making you feel at home. To top it all of the hosts Hai and Ping where simply adoring, helping us on every front with their wisdom and concern.

PING: Thanks for everything You are simply the best; and thanks to you I will have the strength to finish my degree next year.

HAI: It truly warmed an old chef’s heart when I saw you loading up your plate for the second time with a huge portion of Pannbiff(!) and lingon berry jam.

Michelle: What can you say? Thank you for your positive attitude and kindness. I will miss you but I will meet you and Kim again sometime in the future!

Paul: I still don’t understand the connection between you and your “Devils sauce” which you served laudable with a wonderful 400 gram steak – was it perhaps a father-son relationship.

Christmas the biter: Don’t let them take your balls!

The Inncrowd: Simply the best backpacker joint I have stayed at during my ten years of traveling in Asia.

As a final point I just want to say to you all…RUDOLF and Winnie the Poo tastes great!

I will stop by soon…

Björn with wife Maribel

Bjorn Bay

I'm into my eighth month of travel in asia now. Been in more than 28 different guest houses and hotels on this trip. I have to say, the Inncrowd ROCKS!

It's a much needed breath of fresh air. I can attest to the fact that the owners, Hai and Ping has exceeded all my expectations, and my expectations were very high after reading the guestbook entries and comments from fellow travellers.

Heading down from Laos, I was heartily recommended this little hostel more than five time over by travellers I met along the way down! And I thought it was all hype! I'm surprised that they still have any steam left having observered their very infectious enthusiasm. This can only stem from their dedication to the well being of their 'bunkies'. I cannot help but gush and sing their praises well enough.

Staying with them has shed a new light on my views of travelling. This experience has truly been a highlight of my life, let alone my travels. The Inncrowd is all that it's made out to be, and more.


Just wanted to thank you for a couple of really nice days at this wonderful hostel - it almost felt like being home and left me with a feeling of wanting to just hang around here rather than exploring Singapore, which is quite rare for me, might I add.

Congratulations to the both of you for having the guts to make a dream like this come true - I'm aware that it's hard work, but the result of all your efforts is nothing but PERFECT!

Keep up the good work. I wish you all the best, and no doubt I'm coming back here if I should ever get to Singapore again.

Karina (The Fruit-Eating Dane)

i have to agree with gavin. there's no lack of good company here and it's an eye opener. even though i'll not be around to experience your new setup, i feel your excitement. having been my fourth trip to singapore and stayed at a couple of the other newish hostels, i still believe you guys are top. : )

it's was unanimously agreed by becky, matt, susan and the whole crazy bunch. it's the people I tell you, and that is something no others can copy.

Dave Hoffa
Malaysia at the mo.

Well, ok... to start with! this is far most the best hostel/accomodation ive ever stayed at! Your place feels like a second home, not just because of the place, also because of YOU guys, THE infamous STAFF!!!!!!! You made my triop to Singapore superbagus! I want to thankl you alot!!! And, HAI, that fish you made the last night, i want the reciepe (how do you spell that??), that was a nice piece of fish!!! Ohh yeah!


This has been positively the bestest hostel we've stayed at in my past year of travelling! Shelle, Sandy and Hai, you guys make a great team, making the whole bunch of us feel so welcome and warm. I have to say that the information and advice you have provided was excellent.

We're certain that this leg of our journey wouldn't have been so spactacular without it. Hai, I envy you, you seem to love your job so much, makes me think about getting a job back home in a hostel! I would highly recommend this hostel,for a very different perspective of Singapore!

Martina Davie
Back in th UK

Hey guys

I've been here for a month and this has been a warm, comfy and cool home for me =) The crew - you guys are great and loony :P craaaaazay!! Love you guys for babysittin me lol =)

Ps: I'll be back soon and I recommend The Inn Crowd to anyone and everyone.

Chad Burns
Nova Scotia, Canada

CONGRATULATIONS on winning the Tourism Award!

Am sure most bunkies will agree that's it's not an unexpected reward for all that you do to make Singapore (especially your own little part of it) a total haven for travellers. You must feel extra proud as punch that the "establishment' agrees, with what bunkies and you both have known since Day One, that The Inn-Crowd is the BEST.

Japan usually but Thailand at present

The Inncrowd? In my experience more like the Ultimate Crowd!

I say this because I don't know of anywhere that is as well constructed or managed. The friendly atmosphere welcomes you to new people from various nationalities, and organised trips work to strengthen these bonds. With the ability to turn an 'alright' trip in to a really good one.

Tthe Inncrowd has been one of the highlights - if not the turning point, of my trip so far. Thankyou Hai and Ping :-)

Steve Smith

What I want to say has already been eloquently stated many times over.

I consider myself fortunate that I only manage to stay at The Inn Crowd towards the very end of my 9 month's RTW adventure. Had it been one of the firsts, I'm sure that subsequent hostels would have been major let downs.

My stay at The Inn Crowd has proven that for a fact. Amongst the 20 odd hostels and hotels that I have stayed in, I'd have to say that this was the best of the lot.

I'd recommend Singapore simply for the experience of being part of "The Inn Crowd".

Marie Yearling

Thank you to everyone at The Inn Crowd Hostel for making my stay in Singapore so fun, remarkable, and memorable. I came to Singapore alone and not knowing anyone, I left three days later with a feeling that was leaving good friends behind. I look forward to coming back someday, I will bring my pink dress and oven mitts case there is a surprise/mandatory cross dressing beauty pageant party I have to attend. Thanks again!

Chris Grady

Cheers Hi and Ping for making me welcome in your establishment. Cheers Paul for getting me pissed every night. Cheers Andrew for waking me up every day and coming to the beauut pool along the road. Cheers all for helping me realise my true destiny, to become a woman. Im sure youll all agree that i make a good un. I hear that sex changes are cheap in Oz, so, with a bit of luck, by Mardis Gras in Sydney Ill have my very own set-up. Tits n all.

The Inn Crowd is the shizzle nizzle hub of Singapore. I wish you all the very best for your future ventures, and may the shizzle be with you all the way.

and just remember, "they're nae toys"

Mark Yeadon

What can we say?? after spending 2 weeks with your outstanding hospitality we are extremely sorry to be leaving what we have come to know as 'home'!! you guys are great! we hope you've enjoyed our company and entertained you with our island abandonment and inflated faces (that would be Amy then!!)

Andy & Christmas, Paul.B and Jacqui, Ping and Hai - the couples of the Inn Crowd, you've really made us feel welcome and part of the 'family'!!

love from 'the gang'!!

Amy, Lucie, Philippa
We're from England

Congratulations Ping and Hai! You guys have certainly given us a really good reason to want to visit Singapore again - and stay in the P.S. After experiencing your generous hospitality first hand, I strongly recommend anyone considering a stay at the InnCrowd to do so without hesitation. All the best, and I hope to see you both soon - in the mean time, I'll spread the word.

Nikki Mooki (Karlsen)
Norway/South Africa

I've stayed here now for a week and its very hard to leave. The accomodation here is the most comfortable I've seen so far, not to mention the services aswell. Hai and Ping are the best host's possible and I recommend it to anyone coming this way. Thanks a lot guy's,I hope to see you soon.

Macclesfield, UK

We must have been the most challenging guests since their opening, but Hai and Ping handled every question with ease, and worked hard to find an answer if one wasn't readily available. Friendly and hospitable, the newly-weds kindly took us into their home. A+, no doubt about it.

New York

I can't believe I had the good fortune to stumble onto this place. The Inncrowd is the best travellers accomodation I have found anywhere in Asia. Hai and Ping are fantastic - Thanks guys for going that extra mile each and every time! Really sad to leave, But I'm sure I'll make my way back here really soon.....Had a wonderful time in Singapore, due largely to the place I stayed and the people I met there. Keep up the excellent work!


Many people have already elequently described how wonderful both the standard of accomodation is, and how amazingly gracious and informative the hosts Ping & Hai have been. I can only reiterate this once more. This has really felt like a little home away from home. The vibrant decor and wall to wall smiles of all that stay here are infectious. Just by looking at the pictures on the freinds section of the website will show you how much people really enjoying staying here. Hai & Ping thank you for your hospitality. Although this is just the begining, I belive you have set the standard for all others to aspire to!

Antony Price
Oxford, England

Ping & Hai, congrats! You've managed to do what STB has failed to do - extend the length of stay of visitors to SIN.

Though I don't know you or have not experienced the service, I feel a connection to you guys cos you share my ideals (yes, there are many of us!).

A message for those who have stayed at the Inn-Crowd, please let Singapore Tourism Board know - and vote Ping & Hai as the best tourism host ..whatever Tourism awards they dish out should go to Ping/Hai/The Inn-Crowd


The INNCROWD is arguably the best hostel in the land. What land? THE land. Hai and Ping connect you with any and all information that you need and the sights, sounds and smells of Singapore will leave you reeling for more. The INNCROWD is highly recommended, 10 stars, good job on a great opening first few weeks, and hopefully I'll be back.

Sebastian (USA) 27 October 2002

A fantatsic end to 5 months travelling, we were terrified Singapore was going to cost a fortune and having been robbed in Bali the pressure not to spend was on. We ended our trip on a very high note with Hai showing us the cheap places to eat and get around. a very sociable place and met some very amusing people. You are highly recommended!

Lizzie Hurst (Manchester, UK) 19 May 2003

The InnCrowd is top shelf!! Hai and Ping are two of the most wonderful people I've ever met. They've made it hard for me to go to another hostel without making some kind of comparison, and the others never add up to much!!

Way to go you guys, The InnCrowd is an awesome place to stay! Hai and Ping do everthing and more to make sure you have an excellent stay with them, and to experience Singapore to the fullest.

I had a wonderful time!

Sheri Cronk (Regina, SK, Canada) 4 March 2003

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We love the experience that travelling brings, meeting people and learning about them and their experiences. We also learnt that hostelling is one of the best ways to experience this, meeting people of different nationalities and ages, all bonded by common interest and who are always ready with a story or two to swap.

Hostelling is well developed in many parts of the world, but not in Singapore. Travellers complain about the the poor conditions of the hostels (dirty, smelly, tiny rooms with paper-thin walls, etc.) and the lack of backpackers' atmosphere. We saw the existing 'hostels' as pretty much mercenary businesses. It's sad, even shameful, for us to read about and to find backpackers visiting Singapore having a rough time because of the poor condition of the hostels here, and not be able to experience the real joy of hostelling like we did when we were backpacking. The lack of backpackers' atmosphere also does not surprise us because many of the so-called "hostels" and "homestays" are not set up purely for budget travellers, but for anyone on a tight budget. These include locals, foreign workers, foreign students, and the sick from neighboring countries who have come to seek medical treatment. Sure, you can find a cheap bunk in Singapore, but to us, there's much more to hostelling than that.

To us, hostelling means staying in value-for-money accommodation where you can interact and have fun with other travellers in a convivial atmosphere.

We have made mistakes of checking into cheap hostel after checking out their website, only to find the tiny room freezing, the "heater" was a broken stove which leaked gas, the sheets were dotted with insect droppings, and the place so messy it was a fire hazard! We couldn't bring ourselves to sleep there. The owner refused to give us a refund (we had pre-paid for several nights' stay ) it was a whole lot of money down the drain. Cheap doesn't always mean value-for-money.

Nevertheless, it was the right decision for us to move on. There was no point in ruining our vacation by staying in a place which would only make us miserable. Imagine tossing and turning all night, scratching bedbug bites and sweating from the heat and humidity. It's also no fun sleeping in a "dorm" which is actually several beds placed along a common corridor, or in a dingy, shoe box-sized"room" with partitions which fall short of the ceiling.




Although it would have been much easier and substantially cheaper to have utilized or make do with premises meant for a hotel and just squeeze a couple of bunk beds to cater to 'every' market group, we didn't. We simply cannot imagine having local couples scrumptiously sliding in and out for whatever, pardon the pun, while bunkies are in the midst of having a game of balderdash or just chillin. A proper backpackers' hostel and thinly disguised transit hotels don't mix.

With safety and comfort as our priorities, we decided to start from scratch, designed and purpose build an environment conducive for backpackers, in an area of our choosing. With proper dining, communal and lounging area, like how a backpacker's hostel should be, with more than 50% of the total floor area being dedicated to communal areas. This would be factoring in all that is necessary, and more, to make our pad the definitive travel hub to the rest of South East Asia.

We started with a solid micropiled concrete structure with reinforced concrete flooring, outfitted it with a state of the art electronic fire zoning system directly linked with the Central Fire & Police Station. Our precautionary measures far exceeds the already stringent criteria set by the authorities. Of course, we had one of the best in business do our interior space planning, me.

We could have cut corners and dreamt of excuses to justify any shortcuts, but we won't. It's not necessary. By virtue of the simple fact that we own our buildings, it doesn't pain us too much to 'invest' in quality stuff, and I like my toys. We also know for a fact that backpackers are the more discerning (politically correct term for fussy) travellers, we've seen enough. We know, we have, and we're just as fussy as the best of them.

What The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore seeks to achieve is a hub where all with a passion for travelling can come together to share their experiences in an affordable, cosy and friendly environment. The creation of The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore was based on the simple premise that it had to be a place where we would want to stay at and not leave if we were travelling ourselves. We could wax lyrical no end, it is our hostel afterall. Proof is in the pudding.




Lonely Planet

"Funky, convivial, stylish, spotless, modern, comfy, cosy"

Singapore 2003

The Rough Guide

"Singapore's best guesthouse, thanks to scrupulous cleanliness, peerless facilities and the warm welcome from it's owners."

Singapore, Mark Lewis.

Lonely Planet

"If only all hostels were as welcoming as this brightly painted and well-equipped one."

Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. Author's Choice, Simon Richmond.

"Exceptional effort, outstanding contribution. You have demonstrated a level of dedication and commitment that is truly commendable."

STB Singapore

"This has less to do with overweening pride than with the desire to accelerate the development of the backpacking industry. Afterall, this is the man who put Singapore on the backpackers map"


Tourism Award Nominee

"The Most Promising Tourism Star award for pioneering efforts in building up a vibrant hostel scene in Singapore, serving the needs of backpackers."

Tourism Award Winner's Review Of The New InnCrowd Hostel Singapore.

A real little gem, a totally funky hostel! Following on from the success of The Inncrowd Ver 1.0 (just round the corner), this version (2.0) opened in early 2004 and is a fantastic little place to stay. A small hostel run by the owner and a couple of devoted employees, it is a really friendly place, where the mutual respect between the staff and guests has built a great atmosphere.

It is immaculate throughout and furnished to extremely high standards. There is one large dorm upstairs, and a much smaller one on the middle floor so most people will sleep in the same room. However it is cleverly designed with partition-walls everywhere so it feels more private. To eliminate clutter, there is a separate side-room for storing bags with its own light to avoid waking everyone up when hunting for that elusive toothbrush etc. Ah-ha, no more plastic bags rustling in the night! Decent bedding is provided and they are very strict in not letting you use your sleeping bag or sleep-sheet (stops the spread of bed-bugs).

To keep the hostel spik-and-span, everyone is expected to take their shoes off indoors! But it really is worth the effort to stay in such a fantastic place. The kitchen facilities are amazing - the stainless steel cooker and fridge are top-of-the-range and there are two large pine tables for dining on (used by the staff too!), a great opportunity to get to know the other guests. Breakfast is provided (two eggs, toast, and tea or coffee, cook it yourself). And there is free internet access (15 minutes per day of your stay) with super-fast connection and flat-screen monitors. Several times a week they coordinate excursions to local attractions so you don't have to go alone and can share taxi costs etc. Examples include the Swissotel (best place for views of the city at night), Raffles (famous home to the Singapore Sling) and Night Safari. Other nights there are movie evenings in the hostel (funky DVD player!).

The location is super-dooper too. Situated in the heart of 'Little India', it's just a few minutes' walk from a popular shopping area (Sim Lim Square, the best place for cheap electrical goods-ask the hostel staff for more info). The local markets and restaurants are great and there is a really unique atmosphere out on the streets. As for security, it feels really safe around here and to make sure, the hostel has an entry-code system in use 24 hours a day. The nearest MRT station, Bugis, is under 10-minutes walk away and is on the same line as the airport for hassle-free, cheap (less than $2) transfers. Check out their website for step-by-step directions and printable maps.




One BRAND SPANKING NEW and another NEWLY RENOVATED InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel Singapore! Both locations are located in The Historic Little India Conservation District within 1 mins walk for each other. Bunkies have access to both.

With cozy, friendly, intimate and fun in mind, we gutted a 2.5 storey and another 3 storey turn of the century conservation shophouse, re-built, space planned and out-fitted the interior to be THE ULTIMATE BACKPACKERS' HOSTEL in sunny Singapore while retaining all the Glorious Architectural influence of old, albeit with a twist!

BOTH our hostels are located at the start of bustling Historic Little India Conservation District, the only genuine ethnic quarter. Have a peek at ,Little India's Web site. Straddling the shopping and party belt of Orchard Road, Suntec City, boat Quay and the Civic District, it's the perfect location to explore Singapore from. *

* Grab the free "Official Map Of Singapore" from the Airport or Tourist Information. It should give you a good idea of where's central as the map focuses on the City Centre and it's fringe. This would be the ideal locality as it's easily accessible to and from everywhere. The last thing you'd want is having to wander a distance through seedy areas after an evening's outing. Through experience, time has a strange habit of stretching exponentially when you're lugging around a backpack or when you're shattered. On the Map, Bugis MRT Station is located on grid 4G, and The InnCrowd ver 1.1 on Campbell is on grid 7E and The InnCrowd ver 2.0 on Dunlop is on grid 6E.

MRT (Tube) - Mass Rapid Transit - 6 mins walk WITH YOUR BACKPACK from either of the 2 MRT lines , the Bugis MRT (Green Line) if you're coming from the Airport, or Little India MRT (Purple Line).

PUBLIC BUSES - SBS Transit Bus- 3 whole mins walk to any of the 6 bus-stops gives you access to more than 70+ bus routes plying all over the island.

TAXIS - If you splurge on cabbies into town, well, how much can it possibly cost? You ARE in town, anyhoo, you'd probably be just walking.

Most of the amenities and attractions in Singapore we have listed on our website are within sight from the road we're on. Should you decide to hit the beaches on the East Coast Parkway, there are free shuttle buses even! Anyhoo, I'd have very much like to impressively list the 20,000 buses that ply the roads adjacent to us that heads downtown, but there's a slight problem, we ARE downtown. **

** Being foreign to a country, it's best to VERIFY the location of your accommodations. You can check with In dependant maps may intentionally make long distances appear much shorter. We've seen a few with a coupla roads missing. : )



Sheng Siong Hypermart Possibly the cheapest places for groceries in the whole of Singapore. 1 min
Foodmore Food Court Air-conditioned food court which serves a variety of cheap and good regional cuisine. 1 min
Abdul Gafoor Mosque Possibly the most beautiful mosque in Singapore 1.5 mins

ATM / Post Box / 7 Eleven

24-hr convenience store. 1.5 mins
Little India Arcade Authentic Indian wares, hennas, food court, etc. 1.5 mins
Bus Stops Any of the 6 bus-stops servicing more than 70+ bus routes plying all over the island. 3 mins
Little India MRT Station Direct to Orchard Road, Chinatown or Sentosa. 5 mins
Sim Lim Towers For Cheap Electronics & Audio. 5 mins
Sim Lim Square THE Cheap Electronics/Gadget Mecca 5 mins
The Thieves Market The Original 2nd hand Bazaar. 6 mins
Rochor Centre Singapore Post Office and Sundries 6 mins
Swimming Pool A new 50-metre Olympic standard outdoor pool with facilities. 8 mins
Bugis MRT Station Direct to Airport, Orchard Road, Civic & Business District and practically all satellite towns. 8 mins
Bugis Village Night market/bazaar, shopping/pedestrian mall, food street, temples. 8 mins
Bugis Junction Huge shopping mall and cinemas. 10 mins
Mustapha's Huge 24-hr departmental store with cheap goods. 13 mins

Orchard Road

The shopping belt.

15 mins

Raffles Hotel Home of the $19 Singapore Sling. 15 mins


Spectacular 360 degree view of Singapore from the 71st and 72nd floors.

16 mins





Toilets & Showers
Spend a personal moment in our country club styled toilets & showers or take a respite from our tropical weather with our open air roof top showers.
Catch up on your tan or worship the Sun from our roof top sundecks
Pool & Games
Shoot out on our competition standard pool table or kick up a storm with foosball. Not so much into putting physical effort? No worries, Janga, Risks, Pictionery, Twisters and many board and card games abound!
Burn or edit your trip pics to send home or free up your digital camera's memory or keep in touch with family or chums using cutting edge PCs that makes a techie weep, . Broadband digital imaging ready internet access stations with 512mb ram, USB 2.0, firewire ports. We also have open wired and wireless lan for Laptop users. Currently the fastest pcs around with LCD flat panel displays. Top specs satisfies the pc junkies, namely, me. It's all here, and they're fast.
Travel Library
Snuggle up with a leaf from our collection of best sellers or plan using our MEGA COLLECTION of UP-TO-DATE travel guides. With a full 50% or 172 sqm of communal area. You get more than elbow room here.
Pub & Cheap Beer.

Frequent gripe was for Beer. Not with the availability but the cost. So we set out to rectify that. With average prices hovering from abt $5'ish, we've pegged ours to start from about half that. No nonsense discounts. Just nett prices.

Why stop at just stocking beer in our 'mini 'minimart'? We went the whole hog with a 'pub', installed a state of the art sound system fit for a dance club and DTS audio for our mega projection and LCD TVs.

Alfresco or air conditioned cosy comfort, the choice is yours. The choice of beer? Anything that takes your fancy as long as it's Singapore's Award Winning Tiger Beer, either in an ice cold bottle or fresh from the tap, again, the choice is yours. The tribe has spoken.



Wake up and be greeted by our FULLY equipped stainless steel and maple kitchen. The only bit manual about our maple wood and stainless steel kitchen is having to cook yourself and washing up after you're done

Breakfast is provided, and we don't just mean two slithers of fruit, we could have, but nah, too easy. Although we may have food centres all around us, your tummy may not be sufficiently adventurous to foray into more exotic cuisine in the mornings. We cannot deny that a myriad of cheap food abounds to tantalize your taste buds as authentic wet markets and street stalls are just 2 mins walk from our door step.

But we do come across those that have been on the road for months and crave a little piece of home. For this, we provide comfort food. Ok, so there's spreads, fruit jams, stuff and of course, MARMITE. : ) Yes, I crave that too! But try getting poached, scrambled or fried eggs, anyway you like it, well, as long as you know how to cook it. Hah! Not so easy, we know, but it's infinitely more satisfying, without a doubt. A HEARTY breakfast!

The last I checked, most coffee shops serve eggs anyway you like it as long as it's half boiled. Imagine your senses being assaulted by food you're unaccustomed to after a hard night out. Like our take on the kitchen, providing breakfast may not be totally necessary, but it's nice to know you have the option. Ask a girl what she does with a diamond, it can't do peanuts, but it's nice to have.

How can we possibly call our pad a home away from home if we can't provide that little bit you're missing? I may not be into white or black pudding, but you're most welcome to help yourself. Yes, there's the kitchen that has to be cleared after, no matter, but only because that's what we would want ourselves. Like a Ferrari, a kitchen may not be totally necessary to some, but to us, it's just nice to have.




Our buildings are permanently locked, armed and monitored. Entry into our premises is only through access codes. Unlike most others, we strictly do not accept local check-ins. Why locals should even leave the airport for the 1-2 hours while on transit is beyond us.

We have also implemented an electronic fire zone monitoring system. Fire extinguishers? It's a laugh! We're covered by CO2, Halon and Foam! A sprinkling of sprinklers, a smattering of risers, you name it, I've got it covered, yes, that includes concrete floor and walls. Paranoid? You betcha. I don't like fires.

On top of having a constantly manned/wo-manned reception, we have other security measures as well, but it would defeat the purpose if we made it known, be rest assured it's state-of-the-art and linked to the Police and Fire Stations, I like my gadgets, I'm a gadget freak remember?




Unheard of in a dormitory? Not anymore. You'd have to see it to know. It's a stroke of genius - so says those who have bunked here.

We do not believe in the row upon rows, back to back bunk bed arrangements. Skylights and full height windows allows natural light to permeate the dorms. Whether you walk or crawl, we guarantee you a WIDE and CLEAR path to your bed.

Dedicated space and rooms for securing your backpacks in the dorms. You won't trip, stumble and fall or be bugged by the rustle of plastic bags or the un-zipping of bags when you're crashing, or if you're the one packing for that matter.

Speaking of crashing, you catch your zzz's in style and fully climate controlled air-conditioned comfort. You get proper fitted cotton bedding, regularly sanitized orthopedic pocketed spring mattresses (meeting BCA's Standards), fluffy support pillows, authentic woven indian blankets and most importantly, peace and quiet.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The peeps who run this pad stays here. The owner stays here. The people who cleans and keeps this pad in order stays here. This is their home. Go figure.




There's never a dull moment at The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore. Whenever there's a festival, you can be sure that you'll be immersed in it. With 4 major racial groups and a myriad of religious groups in Singapore, you'll be surprised at the sheer number of colourful festivals which take place year round.

Whenever there's a happenin' event, you can be sure that we'll be in the thick of it. At every opportunity to celebrate, we throw the most wicked party in town! And when there's absolutely nothing to do, we'll come up with something, be it an outing to off-the-beaten-track places, food trips, cookouts or a visit to a pub for cheap pints.

If you're up to exploring by your lonesome or twosome, there's always The InnCrowd's Self Guided Walking Tours. All of which was painstakingly planned, researched and constantly updated by us. A really excellent to pass a coupla days.

AND IT'S ALL FREE! We don't charge. You pay for what you order or do. Depending on where the mood takes us, we have loads of spots up our sleeve. We can make promises, but talk is cheap, a picture speaks a thousand words, and we've got galleries. Nuff' said.




A foregone conclusion, IMHO, judging by the proliferations and how others are trying, right down to the color scheme of our pad, the layout and content of our website. On a brighter note, we see imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. It's a good thing as we're not just to building up our hostel, but the backpacking culture in Singapore.

So, is this all for real? I built this website, I'm into digital photography, photo editing and the likes. There's nothing to stop me from window dressing our website to show a glossy brochure of our hostel. I believe the correct term for it is 'marketing'. But no. All pictures in our event galleries are dated. It's not just for impressing the bejesus of peeps, it's just to keep it real.

After our experiences gained from backpacking, we'd hate for you, or us for that matter, to be disappointed if it doesn't live up to expectations. To this end, we still believe that you should only pay after having taken a look at your accommodations.

At the end of the day, isn't it nice and comforting to know we've got you covered?

Again, with Ver 2.0, we have distanced ourselves from our closest competitor, The InnCrowd Ver1.0 @ Campbell. : )

It's simple, like our Original pad, THIS has got to be a place we want to stay in and not leave if we were travelling ourselves. So, when we are not travelling, this, is also our home.




The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore Ver2.0@Dunlop
Backpackers' Hostel Singapore
73 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209401 Tel (65) 6296 9169

The InnCrowd Ver2.0 @ 73 Dunlop Street,  Historic Little India , Singapore. 209401.

We gutted a turn of the century 3 storey conservation shophouse, re-built the interior to be THE ULTIMATE BACKPACKERS' HOSTEL

Central location, right smack in the middle of everything. Steps to public transport, stores and places of interest.

Open areas and spaciousness through. Our roof garden, open air showers, lounge and mini theatre are not shown, for a reason.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The InnCrowd Hostel's Backpackers Pub
* Not Clickable as yet.

The more important bits, spectacularly clean, proper toilets with hot & cold showers. Ask, any females especially, they'll tell you.

A comprehensively stocked library of best sellers and guidebook from Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Frommers, Let's go... you get the idea.

A fully equipped communal kitchen that would make any professional chef proud. I cook too!

State-of-the-art broadband internet access stations with Usb & Firewire. Caters to the gadget freaks, digital photogs, and ipod fans. Oh yes, wireless as well.

Air conditioned, spacious and PRIVATE dorm beds. The best bits are hidden. : ) We've got to keep a few secrets too!

Full Maple and Stainless Steel Kitchen


The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore Ver 1.1@Campbell
Backpackers' Hostel Singapore
35 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209907 Tel (65) 6296 9169

Our Entrancing Entrance.

Dining Coner

Breakfast Corner.


We're located in a quaint lil' 19th century shophouse within the historic conservation area of Little India, the most vibrant and authentic ethnic quarters in Singapore.

A typical 2.5 storey restored conservation shophouse in Historic Little India

Night Light

Our night light nook.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities. Wash and dry within minutes!

Internet access kiosk

Broadband internet access to check your e-mail and surf the web. Currently the fastest pcs around with LCD flat panel displays!

Chill out space

Relax in our sitting lounge and curl up with a good book or magazine from our comprehensive collection or chat with other travellers.

Dining area

Cosy Dining Area.

Kitchen facilities

Utilize our kitchen facilities and share a meal with other bunkies.

Our fascination for nice light fixtures.


Eat-off-the-floor spotless.

Showers and wash areas

Hot and cold showers.

Wash area

Closer look at our wash area.

Lockers for a peace of mind

Lockers, breakfast and linen are provided FREE to our bunkies.


We're fully air-conditioned and are using fully pocketed spring mattresses and... fluffy pillows!

Super duper comfy pscketed spring mattress

Our Double Room (also known as the "Presidential Suite").

Ps's sofa

The P.S. has its very own sofa, and reading lights. We'll have you know it's not the P.S. for nothing.

PIX OF OUR SURROUNDING >> Click here for more pix!


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