The First Settlers...
(20 to 31 Oct 2002)

As promised, we opened our doors on 20 October 2002. First came Andreas, who brought Adrian, who brought Mort, who brought Skippy, who brought... And that was how it all started.

We organized our very first excursion on 28 October 2002. Everyone at The InnCrowd got up at 3.00 a.m. and marched down Serangoon Road along with the Hindu devotees taking part in Thimithi (Hindu fire-walking festival). Together we walked to the Sri Mariamman Temple along South Bridge Road and witnessed a sea of devotees walk across the red hot coal pit. More than 3,000 devotees participated this year.

L-R: Andreas, Mort & Skippy
with Adrian at the back
chillin' at The InnCrowd.

For a week, they got up
at 4.00 p.m., checked their

Crossed the road to
Dravidar's for a coupla
beers ( Andrew joined in).

Crossed back to
The InnCrowd to do

Went back to Dravidar's
for a game of pool.

Returned to The InnCrowd
for more beer (Wayne
& Chris K joined in).


More drinks...
(Chakri, Sagini, Tanya & Els).

What a Life!

Alex & Anna making
fluffy eggs

Patrick & Lin Li
at breakfast.

Jon & his guitar.

Jakob & his
Portable DVD Player.

Fabienne on a liquid diet
after piercing her tongue.

Rimvydas & Danas -
our first guests
from Lithuania.

L-R: Alex, Matt, Rob,
Ruth. Jesper, Jakob
& Anna

Jon, Pace & Sebby.

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