(Hindu Fire Walking Festival)
28 October 2002

"Pitstop" along
Serangoon Road

Here Come the Devotees

Showering the Devotees
with Petals

The InnCrowd
Walking from Serangoon
Road to South Bridge Road

Taking a Rest

The InnCrowd at
the Parliament House
(enroute to the Temple)

3,000 Waited to
Walk on Fire

Devotees had a Fast
for a Month

Sri Mariamman Temple

Main Hall

Saying their Prayers

Burning Hot Coal Pit

Walking on Fire

Splashing into the Milk

Capacity Crowd

Piece of Cake!

Giving Thanks

Off He Sprints!

Banana Leaf Decorations

The Deities

Sacred Cows

Jesper and Jakob
Towering Over Everyone Else

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