Newton Food Centre

Newton Food Centre

Fruit Stall

Chicken & Roast Duck Rice

Grilled Seafood

Red Hot Chilli

Preparing Hai's Fave
Prawn Noodle

Hai's Friend - Mr Prawn Noodle

Muslim Fried Rice

Murtabak Man

Mee Soto

Satay Man

Da Best Popiah Stall Around

Roti John

Newton from the Bridge

Prawn Noodle

Bbq Chicken Wings

Oyster Omelet - Da Best!

Dessert Stall

Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle

Cuttlefish & Veg

Ice Kacang

Ice Cheng Tng

Bubor Chacha

Fish Congee - Da Best!

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