Trying out some of the exotic, tropical fruits in Singapore is a must. I've heard the spiky King of Fruits (durians) being described as tasting worse than smelly, sweaty socks, but my advice is to put aside whatever you've heard, pluck up your courage and let your sense of adventure be your guide. If you really can't bring yourself to do it, you can't go wrong with mangosteens and lychees.

Crowd of Durian Hunters
in Geylang

Durians come Branded too...
You've got XO, D24, blah blah.

"Mountain Durians"

Tough Nut

Love the yellow ones with
thick, creamy flesh.


The smaller the seed,
the better.

Durians are "heaty", and
mangosteens are "cooling".
You'll like the sweet, white flesh
of the mangosteens.

Longans have
translucent flesh and a
black seed.

Red and Hairy Rambutans.
The sweet, white flesh tend to
get stuck on the seed.

Lychees - I understand they're
called the Chinese Love Fruit
in Norway. I like them better than
longans and rambutans.

Jackfruit - the sweet, yellow
flesh have a pungent smell.


Dragonfruits - the pink
ones on the left hand side
of your screen.

Pamelos - the green melons
with the red stickers on them.
Citrus fruit with lots of pulp.


Wide Variety.


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