New Year at The InnCrowd
(28 Dec 2002 to 6 Jan 2003)

The InnCrowd's very first New Year's Eve Party was a night of EXTREMES. For those of you who were brave enough to experience it, you know what I mean. If you don't remember anything, I don't blame you after all that vodka, rum, Arrack, tequila, unidentifiable Chinese liquor thing,etc. But I'm sure you remember the wonderful dinner put together by our Finnish chefs - Mari & Anna - and the Norwegian "jeger gryte" made by Trygve & Frode.

By the way, Jon's here to say: "I'm alive and back in the hostel! I'm going to be here for a couple more weeks. If you wanna stop by, come to The InnCrowd." (25 January 2003)

Sting Ray Dinner
L-R: Ben, Trygve, Michelle, Carlie,
Treasa, Frode & Jon

The InnCrowd's First Trip to Ubin
L-R: Jon (the navigator), Treasa,
Carlie, Frode, Peter, Trygve,
Adam & Ben

Abandonned Quarry in Ubin

Everyone and Frode's Arm

Somewhere in Ubin

Into the Wilderness

Michelle Joins The InnCrowd

Ice Breakers

Celebrating our First Wedding
Anniversary with the Bunkies

Mari & Anna who cooked
the wonderful
New Year's Eve Dinner

Let's Eat!

Kevin Attacks!

All Dressed Up
L-R: Mari. Jon, Frode, Trygve & Anna

Lime for Tequila
- Mark and Valentina

Trygve the Crazy Bartender

Watching the Roulette

Margo hogs her Shot

Ben Gulps

Tequila Mark

Jon's talkative tonight!

The Walk to Chijmes
for the 2003 Countdown

Capacity Crowd
doing the Salsa

Let's Boogie

Mari and Olli

Anna and Markus

Helen Sways to 2003

Simon, Angeline & Olli

What Fun!

June, Staffan, Nicola & Helen

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