Christmas at The InnCrowd
(18 to 27 Dec 2002)

Everyone at The InnCrowd chipped in to make our very first Christmas party such a crazy one! We'd like to thank:
Alice, Erica & Joanne - for chairing our very first Xmas committee and making the fabulous roast;
Kay & Georgina- for making the fabulous roast, pig in the blanket and decorating the whole place with Christmassy things;
Hui Min & Liang Jing - for mashing the potatoes and cleaning the mess on the stove;
Michelle - for making the best trifle ever and tidying the whole place up on Hangover Day;
Fiona & May Ling - for bringing the delicious bread, chocolate log, cookies and tea, and for doing the dishes;
Claudio & Belinda - for making the potent Christmas punch;
Caz, Fred & Annie - for bringing the liquor;
Adam - for "carving" the chicken, decorating the place with tea lights and candles, and doing the dishes; and
Nick & Keith - for doing the dishes.

Back (L-R): Josemiguel (Pato),
Pace and Steffen.
Front (L-R): Sebby, Sebastian, Fernando,
Benjamin and Ping.

Goin' Surfin'

Family Portrait

L-R: Nina, Rainer, Jeff and Darren.

L-R: Jessica, Melissa, Porschia,
Cathleen, Jackie and Rachael.

Michelle's Super Trifle!

Our Xmas Chefs
L-R: Georgina, Joanne,
Kay and Erica.

Kay and Joanne
making roast.

Grilling the Pig in the Blanket.


Claudio, our resident barman
and his keg.

The Xmas Feast.

Tuck in!

The InnCrowd's
very first Xmas Committee.

Belinda, Caz and a
Happy Michelle.

Candlelight Dinner.

Bring out the chocolate log,
ice cream and trifle.

The "21" Game -
a conspiracy to get
Joanne too drunk for her flight.

Joanne to drink again.

And again!

Gimme the shot.

That's it!

Time for Claudio
to down The InnCrowd's
concoction - vodka, Arraca,
brandy and rum(?)


Caz's turn.


Hui Min's first drink ever!

Annie's welcome drink.

L-R: Keith, Ping, May Ling
and Annie.

Annie got in the thick of
things straight off the plane.

Nick is thirsty!

Boat Race.

Thrills and spills.

Belinda v. Keith.

Annie v. Fiona.

Adam v. Super Slow Fiona.

Nick beats Fred.

We're No. 1

Georgina: They Cheated!

We want a re-match!

Truth or Dare leads to lickin',
strippin'... and the rest
is censored.

Cross Dressing.

Copyright 2002-2003 The InnCrowd. All Rights Reserved.

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