Trip to Newton Food Centre
(1 to 7 Dec 2002)

December kicked off with more food! Singapore's favourite past-time is eating after all, so The InnCrowders were immersing in the local culture.

A meal at Geylang Serai
L-R: Dave, Luke, Paul,
Travis, Lisa & Steve

:L-R: Adam, Ritesh, Jake,
Claudia, Clare & Rachel

The InnCrowders
at Newton Food Centre

L-R: Mario, Ritesh, Lisa,
Jake & Claudia

L-R: Clare, Rachel, Adam
& Steve

L-R: Marcus, Tek-Sin &
2 Swedish Girls who joined
in after stopping by to use
the internet

Jake & Andy

L-R: Eric, Natalie, Angeline,
Euan, Andy, Marcus & Richard

L-R: Ritesh, Jake, Doug,
Mario & Berny

L-R: Chris, Kim, Charlotte
Lis, Ping & Steve

King of Fruits!

Local Fruits Night

3 Norwegians & 1
Indonesian (Helmi)


Richard savouring
every bit of the durian

Jon can't get enough of it

Trygve: I love it

Frode: It's the best thing
I've tasted

Eric with a teensy bit

Doug struggling

Jake psyching himself up

Euan, Natalie, Andy
& Paul preparing
for the bite

Paul & Fredrik putting
up the tree

Paul & Elaine, Bernie,
Ping, Sid and Kim

L-R: Ping, Kim, Orla & Colette

Carolynn & Gary

She made it!

Colette & Naomi

Celia & Alice

L-R: Tobi, Kim, Barry & Ulli

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