First Trip to Waterloo Street
(22 to 30 Nov 2002)

Our first group outing to Waterloo Street took us to a busyChinese temple, an equally busy Hindu temple, and a disused chapel filled with contemporary art pieces. The walk ended at the Singapore River, where we spent an afternoon in the sun watching more than a 100,000 rubber ducks race each other in the Million Dollar Duck Race .

Sabine and....Hai!

L-R: Meang, Coony, Michael,
Nicole & Ping

Drinks at Ice Cold Beer
at Emerald Hill Rd

Louise, Mary & Niamh

Ping and James

Jamie's Blowjob

Gwyneth & Lis

Sam and his fabulous potatoes!
Mitch and his yummy tofu!


Florian's secret recipe

Brad and Tek-Sin
kicking off

Our All Veggie Cookout


Merry Making at Dravidar's

Murtabak on a Rainy Day

More Murtabak

Sam & Michelle: Durians are creamy

Florian, Dave & Rob:
Can't get enough of that stuff!


Force feeding Andrew

Elisabeth: Hmmm...

Mitch: Tastes like pudding!

Rambutan Time

The Laughing Buddha

L-R: Rob, Ina, Izhar & Joe

Joe Cool

L-R: Ina, Jocelyn, Andrew,
Izhar, Sarah & Catherine

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