Irish Night Out
(12 to 21 Nov 2002)

One night, 6 Irish backpackers (travelling separately) descended upon us. What better time for The InnCrowders to experience a night out with the professional party-goers. We're talking about drinking with people who are constantly suffering from alcohol poisoning! Muddy Murphy's. the Irish pub, was picked and our only problem was the night was too short!

Olivier & Sandra
watching the
murtabak man.

L-R: Yan, Rob, Sandra,
Ping, Orla, Colette,
Naomi & Olivier having dinner
at the corner coffeshop.

Barry & Natalie say "hi"
to Mr Linden.

Outing to Newton
Food Centre.

Sandra acquiring a taste
for durians.

Emma & Petra.

Ida, Jenni & Christian.

Naomi, Colette
Orla & Treasa.

L-R: Olivier, Colette, Orla,
Ulli, Sabine, Silke, Naomi,
Joseph & Liam.

That's how the Irish
prepare for a night out!

6 Irish, 3 Germans, 1 English,
1 Ozzie, 1 Swiss and 2
Singaporeans at
Muddy Murphy's.

More Guinness!

L-R: Colette, Naomi,
Orla, Ping & Olivier.

L-R: Ulli, Sabine, Diarmaid
(Jim) & Joseph.

Back home with
more beers!

Ulli & Silke feeling
right at home.

L-R: Fraser, Naomi, Colette,
Orla & Ping. Orla holds the
record of spending a total
of 17 days at The InnCrowd.

Hai & Antonios.

Lenita, our Winter
X-Games Queen!

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