First Trip to Geylang
(8 to 11 Nov 2002)

We started 2 new activities in the month of November.

First, a local fruits night. We would all troop down to Geylang for dinner beneath the stars in some kopitiam (local coffee shop), walk around the red light district, then buy some local fruits from the roadside stalls. We would feast on fruits like rambutans, jambu, starfruit. mangosteens, and of course, the famous durian back at The InnCrowd.

Second, a trip to the massive night bazaar at Geylang Serai, part of the festivities leading up to Hari Raya, which marks the end of Ramadan.

Travellers' Anonymous.

Jan, Maike & Petra.

L-R: Dawn, Ping, James, Rob,
Antony, Sam, Naomi
& Rachael tucking into
beef horfun at Geylang
Lorong 9.

Dawn passing her
soy milk around.

Fruit night.

Brave Antony had
2 seeds of durian.

James gives the
thumbs-up to durians.

Dawn lurves it too!

Jan savouring every
bit of the fruit.

Rob thinks it's
finger-lickin' good.

0rla: Durians are
so fragrant!

Rachael: ???

Naomi gulped it
all down.

Sam: I've already 10 seeds.
Should I have one more?


Good stuff.

Petra postponed her
departure from Singapore
to sample durians.

Yes, durians are THAT good!

L-R: Petra whose backpack
went on a RTW trip, James,
Dawn, Sam, Antony & Ping.

L-R: Ping, Petra, Olivier,
Colette, Sandra, Naomi,
Rob & Yan.

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