(5 TO 13 FEBRUARY 2004)

Since starting The InnCrowd on 20 October 2002, Hai and I have witnessed countless couples meeting and falling in love in the hostel, so much so that some backpackers have suggested that we start some kind of dating agency. An InnCrowd Wedding did not seem like a far-fetched idea at all. We got one step closer to that on 5 February 2004 when Paul proposed to his beloved Jacqui and she happily said "yes".

Paul and Jacqui met at the hostel on 21 January 2004. He was Head Chef for our "Reunion Dinner" on Chinese New Year's Eve and she was part of our "Cooking Committee". A strong and solid bond grew steadily as they chopped and sliced away in our kitchen. By the end of that evening, they were inseparable. Well, sort of. Jacqui went away to KL for a few days and Paul was miserable. When Jacqui returned, it was like ying and yang again. Those two have a special connection.

On 5 February 2004, Paul took Jacqui to her favourite building, Parkview Square, just a stone's throw away from the hostel. He got on his knees and pleasantly surprised her with his question. Jacqui now wears her diamond ring proudly and Paul too wears his gold band from Jacqui proudly. Congratulations to Paul & Jacqui! Stay tuned for their wedding in October 2004.


Paul & Jacqui.

The Engagement Party
at Dravidar Wines.

Doesn't get any better!

The InnCrowd out in full force for Paul & Jacqui.

The Procession down Campbell Lane...and Serangoon Road.

Just Engaged...Announcing the arrival of soon-to-be Mr and Mrs Paul Briggs.

The Procession was met by another Procession down Serangoon Road.


Global Hot Rock Challenge in Singapore.

Scooter Shana.


Kathy, Claudia, Marc and Maria.

Philippa, Amy and Nick.

Paul, Liz and Chris.

Jonathan and Paul.

Mike, Anna and Stine.

The Wee Scottish Lads -
Andy and Mark.

John, Cameron and Elizabeth.

Love is in the Air...

Amy's a Pro!

Mr Pickering and the Hooter Girls.
Toot toot.

The InnCrowd goes to the GMAX. 3-2-1, Lift Off!

Hang On!

Jacqui, Anna, Marc, Maria and Stine at Hendrix Bar.

Mike, Amy, Philippa and Lucie.

Amy & Nick.


Now, who's that guy in the red t-shirt! He must be a Ninja!

Nick & Amy head for Sydney after 2 weeks in Singapore.

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