(1 TO 12 NOV 2003)

It's that time of the year again when the Muslims fast as a show of faith. At sundown, a massive night bazaar awakens at Singapore's Muslim enclave, Geylang Serai. This night bazaar is by far the largest and arguably the liveliest festive market in town, a definite must-visit by our standards. Throngs of backpackers have joined us for our pick of the month activity.

L-R: Mark, Nicole, Scott & Rob.

L-R: Dennis, Jochen, Dave, Ben, Rachael & Stephen.

Otak, otak!

Weaving through the Bazaar.

Light Up at Geylang Serai.

L-R: Sarah, Rob, Christian, Mark, Martin, Claire & Ben.


Vodka Time!

Ryan, Ryan & Ryan,
or Jose,
Jose & Jose,
or Jochen, Jochen & Jochen.

We're Off to Geylang Serai!

Makan Time at Geylang Serai's S11.

We're Belly Full.

Ramadan Night Bazaar.

Snacks & Goodies.

Fruit Stalls.

Back to Lau Pa Sat...

And our Fave Satay Man...

One Fullerton.

Katie, Matt & Dawn.

Gaz, Vienmie, Tim, Stuart & Lars.

The Thai SAS Contingent.

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Hari Raya