(24 to 31 October 2003)

The F1 Powerboat World Championship came to Singapore in October, and we were out in full force at the Merlion Park to cheer the teams. Exciting stuff and all free!

Ramadan started on 25 October, and so did our favourite night bazaar. Loads of stalls selling all and sundry from food to fakes. See you at Geylang Serai!

BBQ Seafood Time

L-R: Elisabeth, Gunther, Brian, Olivia, Christian, Patrick, Martin, Martyn, Alois, Daniela and Ursula.

The Durian Building

Trip to the F1 Powerboat World Championships 2003

Waiting in Anticipation at the Merlion Park

Off They Go!!!

Leader of the Pack


The One Which Sunk

It's Food, Food, Food at the Geylang Serai Night Bazaar

First Ones at the Bazaar.

Jo, Christian, Martin and Martyn

Sarah & Annelous

Sanne, Marcel and Olivia

Jo & Therese

Tuck In

Sugar Cane Club

Alex, Joe and Kim

Makan at Geylang Serai S11

Wet Market

S$8 a Blow

Barred from entering Raffles

Singapore Slings

Lau Pa Sat

Kris, Wojtek and Katherine

Antonia and Jae

Feni and Cendra

Emilie, Dave and Karen

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Hari Raya