Introduction to Singaporean Cuisine
L-R: Staffan, Therese, Richie, Sebastian (a shade of green after eating a pig's testicle! hehe), Patrick and Torbjorn.

Brave Madeleine.

Kerry & Richard pretending it's cheese.

Nancy can't get enough of durians! So, Ash says: "Take mine".

Sebastian: "Testicles for dinner, now smelly socks for dessert?!?"

Courtney, Sven (forced to take a bite before he could check in) and Tibor.

Richie licks his fingers clean.

L-R: Kia, Karen, Mim, Michelle, Tibor, Richard, Anne-Marie and Eileen.

Kia and Karen with their BBQ prawns!

Mim and Michelle.

Tibor and Richard.

Anne-Marie and Eileen.


Baby Merlion.

Supreme Court.

Girls' Night Out...across the street.

Dinner at Scotts Picnic - Hai had his pasta craving...

L-R: Doug, Paul, Richie, Anne-Marie, Michelle and Justin.

Rites and rituals at Newton Food Centre.

Monkey God.


Some after dinner entertainment!

Murtabak Time!

Chilli crab!

Food's Good.

Sayumi and Ani head off for the airport.

The InnCrowd and the Satay Man.

Marina Bay.

Chinatown Food Street.

Serious Foodies.

Black Pepper Crabbing.

Clarke Quay.

Unwinding after all that music...

Paul hard at work.

~ The End ~

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The Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon cake Festival.