John, who was brave enough to sign up for Hai's Mid Autumn Festival Outing!

Food vs. Night Safari, it's FOOD of course!

Laura, Aya, Terry and Peter.

Mit, Amit and Lindsy.

Susan and Kath.

Rachel and Kelly.

A Walk after Dark.

Kath, all burnt out.

Bottoms Up: Amit, Kath, John, Peter, Lisa and Shaun.

Liam, all smiles after his purchase!

Amit, Aya, Kath, Terry, Rob and Paulie giving the thumbs up!


Torsten & Tina, Terry (missing Vic), and Jane & John.

Jane & John.

Torsten & Tina.

Discovering Satay.

Lovey Dovey.

Pizza!!! Mark, Mit and Akash can't resist the temptation.

Terry, Dan and Sebastian.

Sunday's new pal - Sebastian (who has 8 cats!).

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