Maya saying goodbye to Sunday.

L-R: Dietmar, John, Simon, Johan, Rowan, Tim and Sabine.

Chilli Crabs!

Crack, crack, slurp, slurp.

Digging in.

Monique and Dietmar goes
opsy turvy after discovering the best bar
in Singapore - Dravidar Wines.


Beer Buddies.

L-R: Rowan, Amit, James, Emma,
Chelsey and Charles.

And they found the Wayang.

And the lanterns too.

Rowan the Tour Guide
herds everyone together.

Girls in shapeless robes and boys in sarongs!
L-R (Back): Ping, Susan, Rowan, Markus, Ed, Daniel and Clint.
L-R (Front): Kath, Amit and David.

A visit to the Mosque.


Rowan, Sabine, Ping, Emily & Faride.

Happy Family.

Darling of Crass of Aigas, Sunday & Ping.

Ping, Rowan and her personal porters (!) - Amit and Chris.

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