A Walk in Fort Canning Park
(28 July to 8 August 2003)

The French Contingent.

Anton, departing for Changi Airport.

Lisa, Mike, Jeffrey & Alastair.


Michelle & Lisa.

Catherine & Suzanna.


Ruth & Joanne.

Trip to Waterloo St,

Lise shaking the sticks!
(Goddess of Mercy Temple, Waterloo St)

L-R: Lis, Chelle, Ping, Emily, Penny, Katie, Kathy, Alex & Cindy.
(Sri Krishnan Temple, Waterloo St)

L-R: Lis, Ping, Denny, Katie, Ingin, Emily, Penny, Craig, Kathy & Alex.

Gino, Lise & Chelle.

Bandung Break
(National Library, Stamford Rd)

Fort Canning Park.

Gates at Fort Canning Park.

Hai on the Cannon.

Lookout Point with trees, people and guns???

Chelle & Lise.

Sniffing the Frangipani.

Lise & Chelle.

Gatecrashing on the Guided Tour
at the Archaeological Dig.

Jonas & Linda.


Kathy, Alex & Donie.

Vincent & Ingin.

Satay on Boon Tat St.

One Fullerton.

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