(15 to 27 July 2003)

Therese returned to resume her eat-athon for a night. To feed her addiction, it was durians galore once more! Thus, the gas mask bit... Therese will be back in a coupla days, so there'll definitely be more pictures of bunkies eating again!

Heidi, Ingebjorg & Anne
on their way to New Zealand.

Fiona & Nick.

L-R: Therese, Noel, David, Clodagh,
Holly & Nina.

L-R: Robbie & Friend, Nick & Fifi.

Digging into a bowl of ice kacang.

L-R: Cluedo with Angie, Kirsty, Sarah, Noel & Ross.

Revival of Fruit Night.

Therese says: "Nevermind the stench, it's yummy!"

Chelle hiding in the office from the durian fumes.

Durians and beers don't mix.

Jennifer & Daniel.

L-R: Angie, Kirsty, Carl & Ross.

L-R: Julie, John & Oli.

Tom and Georgina.

Playing Pigs.

Bookends: Gemma & Catrina.

Paul and James.

L-R: Dee, Oli, Georgina and Stuart
chillin' out at Merlion Park.

Sherrill's Shopping.

L- R (Top): Oli, Stuart, Matthew, Noel, Courtney
L-R (Bottom): Zoe, Lucas and Emily.

Anna tracing her lost backpack! All thanks to the BA Strike!

Leonie and Kate.

L-R: Christine, Nicole, Jens, Felix,
Stephen, Neil, Rowan, Lolita and Andreas.

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