(29 June to 14 July 2003)

For the longest time, Hai and I dreamt about travelling around the world on a motorbike. On 9 July 2003, Seamus and Lenssa rolled into town on theirs; living our dream! Seamus had started his journey from Ireland, rode across Europe, Middle East and entered India. Lenssa joined him there, and together they made their way towards Singapore. For more than a week, the loving couple called The InnCrowd home, as arrangements were made for the motorbike to be shipped across to Australia, so they could continue their journey. Seamus and Lenssa will be living in Florida for a while after their trip, and we wish them all the best!

A coupla days after Seamus and Lenssa arrived, Anton flew from the Netherlands to Singapore. He would be riding his bicycle for his trip. Truly inspirational!


Kirsten & Philip
- Goodbye Asia. Winnipeg, we're coming home!

L-R: Louise, Graham, Eamon, Terry, Anton and Mark.

Karl and Adam.

We live on beers!

A very thirsty Anton!

Dinner in the Rain.

L-R: Hazel, Colin, Tal, Becky & Kirsten.

Murtabak Time!

L-R; Philip, Kirsten, Kevin, Katrine and Sally.

Steph, Anthony, Gina and David.

L-R: Tim, Anne, Heidi, Roland, Ingebjorg and Ak.


Bugis Junction.

Lenssa & Seamus (who rode his bike all the way to Singapore from Ireland!)

Augusto...all the way from Brazil!


Joanne & Catherine.


Katrine's Self Portrait.

Rachel, Julie & Joanne.

L-R: Nicola, Yolanda and Thomas.

L-R: Seamus, Yolanda. Juan & Chris.


The InnCrowd's Bus...yeah right!

Satay al fresco at Lau Pa Sat.

Tickling the fish at the Fullerton Hotel.

L-R (Top): Eamon, Louise, Sarah, Graham, Mark, Anton, Adam, Karl & Chelle.
L-R (Bottom): Seamus, Lenssa, Hai, Terry, Juan & Ping.

L-R: Nicola, Jonathan, Thomas, Chris, Juan, Sarah, Allen & Lenssa.

Matty & Peter

Studying for the
Spelling Bee Contest?

Paul, Jonathan & David.

L-R: Michael, Veronika, David, Jonathan, Chris & Paul.

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