(20 to 25 Apr 2003)

The Aussie's enthusiasm for Easter rubbed off on us, so after our trip to Oz, we decided that The InnCrowd should have the best Easter party ever in Singapore! The experimental menu consisted of black pepper roast chicken, potatoes, baguette, chocolate fondue with bananas, pineapples, marshmallows, heavenly chocolate cake (which provoked some obscene acts by Beth and Zandra - ask Kev for the pictures), chocolate banana trifle with blue jelly, chocolate punch, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. After dinner, we adjourned to the lounge for some fun and games. Lis has the honour of winning The InnCrowd's First Annual Easter Egg Drawing Competition with her Humpty Dumpty on the Grass creation. Nick, on the other hand, was first to be voted out by the Tribal Council. He performed very badly again in the Greek Drinking Game and picked up the title of Mr Vodkaholic!

Happy Hour at The New Asia Bar.

Stuart with his true love -
the half-yard, and oh... with Beth too.

Cocktails on the 71st Floor.

Ah....the view....

Chefs Nick & Stuart hard at work
in the kitchen.

Whilst the womenfolk sliced bread.

Making Chocolate Punch.

Biggest Gathering of Easter Bunnies in the Island of Singapore!

Chocolate Fondue.

Stuart & Beth in Happier Times (i.e. before the Egg Incident).

The InnCrowd's Easter Egg Drawing Competition Survivor Style -
Outdraw, Outeat, Outdrink.

Plotting, planning, scheming.

Lis, who was on the same flight as Hai and I from Brisbane to Singapore, creating Humpty Dumpty on the Grass.

Kevin from Shropshire joins in after
announcing: "The good news is I'm not
contagious. The bad news is I had to spend
S$60 to find that out."

The Contenders for
the Best & Worst Egg Title.

Lis defending her Egg.

L-R: Stuart No. 2, Chelle,
the Original Stuart,
Kevin, Nick, Zandra, Beth and Lis.

Beth forgives Stu (a day after
the Egg Incident).

Stu Pissin' Around.


Lis' Surprise Birthday Party! We faked a power failure and surprised Lis with a cake.

L-R: Kev, Stu, Chelle, Zandra,
Lis, Beth, Vodkaholic Nick and Ping.

Lis turns 22 at The InnCrowd.

The Birthday Card which was waiting at a Singapore
Post Office.

Let the good times roll...

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