Queen Chelle's Reign
(22 Mar to 19 Apr 2003)

No, no, no, Hai and I were not running away from SARS. What started out as a joke at Christmas (Chelle's second trip to Singapore) became a reality when Chelle returned to Singapore for the third time in February. After some arm-twisting and threats to her first born child, Chelle "volunteered" to run the place so we could do what everyone else is doing - travel. Before Chelle could change her mind, Hai booked and paid for the air tickets to Brisbane.

Chelle returned to Singapore a fourth time on 24 March (her birthday) to iron out the details of Hai's cunning plan. What Chelle didn't know was that Ping had BAKED (yeah right!) a beautiful, mouth-watering Blackforest Birthday Cake!

Chelle then took a few days off to relax on the beach at Tioman before returning to Singapore a record FIFTH time, to begin her reign at The InnCrowd whilst Hai and Ping made their way to Oz. Chelle's still here, and she's beginning to think that she might never leave! More on that in the next album...

Chelle's 4th food trip to

was really only an excuse to get her out of the hostel...

so we could get her BIRTHDAY CAKE in...

Queen Chelle's Blackforest Birthday Cake (baked by Ping...)

What started out as Hai's request for dessert, turned into a full-blown, Mediterranean,
sit down dinner.

Only The MichelleS kept to the
beachwear theme...

After almost 6 months, Hai and Ping hold the record for the longest stay at The InnCrowd...

...About time they moved on....
Watch out Oz!

Travis, Mirelle, Fredrik & Linda at Dravidar's for one final goodbye drink... or five!

L-R: Fredrik, Christine, Linda, Mirelle
and Jodie joining forces to head off to Tioman

Travis says goodbye
after staying 18 nights...
Damn, we thought the shackles were
tight enough!

L-R: Sofia & Liz got Queen Chelle out of the hostel for the first time...

Sofia, Liz, Jocelyn & Jay
engaged in a battle of Pay Day

The set up: Tom & Vicky's surprise attack on Emma & Iain... Wait a minute, shouldn't you two be in Thailand???

Emma, Tom & Vicky, and Iain
after the sting!
L-R: Stuart, Giles, Danny, Jodie,
Jay, Laura & Beth at Newton

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