Bring on the Durians!
(15 to 28 Feb 2003)

There may be a lack of festivals during this period, but there has been no lack of activities at The InnCrowd. We've been enjoying group dinners at hawker centres and our local fruits night is back by popular demand!

Jean-Philippe, Ping & Michelle
tucking in the famous
Sungei Road laksa.

Dinner at Bugis Village.

Adam, Josie & Dominique.

Tropical Fruits Night.

Chris & the thorny Green Grenade.

Holly enjoying her durian.

Fiona savours it.

Vicky can't get enough of it!

Sarah & Paul

Annie & Vivien: Smells good!

Exploring Pulau Ubin.

Tandem riding.

Found the beach!

Skinny dipping?

L-R: Tilo, Vicky, Jon,
Areeya and Tom

L-R: Sara, Annie, Vivien and Clive.

Very First Users of
The InnCrowd's Payphone!

Tilo,Holger & Christian
of the world famous
Fifty50 German Punk Rock Band!

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