Chinese New Year Celebrations
at The InnCrowd
(16 Jan to 13 Feb 2003)

Chinese New Year at The InnCrowd was the real deal. Dinner at Chinatown, navigating through the almost impenetrable crowd at the night bazaar, tucking into a sumptuous steamboat Reunion Dinner, standing under the spectacular fireworks at Marina Bay, soaking in the festive atmosphere at the River Hongbao, visiting Ping's relatives for a behind the scenes look at Chinese New Year, munching on New Year goodies, and watching the Chingay Parade. We did it ALL!

Mr Submission: Be very afraid!

Farewell to Silje, Sigrid and Birte.

Erik getting all excited about
Kristina Time.

Saying goodbye to Erik.

A visit by the Prosperity God.

The Punch Committee.

Reunion Dinner on
Chinese New Year's Eve.

Fiery red broth.

Bob & Friends.

Frisbee in the Rain.

Kerrie's send-off.

Robin gets dressy
for the Raffles Hotel.

Dinner at Bugis Village.

The Mood for Food.

A walk through CHIJMES.

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