Rice Sack Lifting Competition
(7 to 15 Jan 2003)

Pongal 2003, the Harvest Festival, was such fun! For a week, free cultural performances were staged just steps away from The InnCrowd, a night bazaar brought MORE shopping to our doorstep, the bunkies had cows to pat, shophouses in Little India were decorated with sugarcane and banana trees (yes, it happened), and the rice sack lifting competition across the street at Dravidar's was the icing on the cake. Our bunkies won 15 bottles of Tiger beer that night! Cheers!

2 Swedish Girls,
10 Norwegian Boys
and 1 Troll

Scott & Hayley

Darren & Goliath (Big Bob)

Saying Goodbye to
Imelda & Fiona

L-R: Ron, Adrian, Darren,
Kathryn, Ben, Bryan & Edward

Tymmy & Heide
trying hard to hold it down

Ron looking scared

Rice Sack Lifting Competition
at Dravidar's
- Judd doing The InnCrowd proud!

Erik Shtops and Drops!

Muscleman Dave

C'mon Darren!

Ron: Piece of cake

"Ladies' Night"
- Sam does it too!

Kylie going 1-2-3...

Mr Dravidar lifting
the 50kg rice sack
with his teeth!

L-R: Judd, Darren, Kylie, Sam,
Wojtek, Erik, Ben, James,
Dave and Kathryn

All the competitors
at the Rice Sack Lifting Competition

The Brightmores and their Shopping

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