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Backpack Singapore
This website was born with the intention of providing practical information about Singapore to backpackers. Backpack Singapore started by HuiTeng in March 2003.
The Independent Traveler is an interactive traveler's exchange and comprehensive online travel guide.
Welcome to, the web’s fastest growing travel resource for independent travellers. is your first stop for backpacking and independent travel. Plan your trip, book hostels, or connect with other backpackers.
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Members have created their own travel website in order to share images, travelogues, movies, and tips with friends and like-minded travelers while they are on the road.

Providing you with the best web resources for travel, tourism and vacations including regional information for destinations worldwide.

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web resources for travel, tourism

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Basic details of what to bring, where to go and what to do.

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An informative resource targeted at the existing expatriate community as well as those planning on moving to the city state.
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Tourist information on Singaporean history, events, and attractions; includes recommended readings on Singapore.

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The Real Destination Singapore
A magazine-based tourist guide updated monthly with information on attractions, hotels, shopping and events.

Singapore Guide
A virtual tour of interesting places in Singapore. Detailed information on restaurants, bars, discos and other entertainment.

Travel Guide
for Canadians

The Singapore Tourism Board's Canada office gives travel information on attractions, events, hotels, special offers, contacts, insights and travel tips.

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Tourism, hospitality and travel information; slides depicting Singapore scenes, tourist attractions, cultural events,pay for usage and links to useful tourism sites.

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The official STB site for tourist information including tours, attractions, promotions and events.
Contains information on hotel accommodation, shopping, food, entertainment and local tours.


Clarke Quay
Riverside festival village dedicated to good times, combining dining, shopping and a heritage inspired Disney-style adventure ride.

Sentosa Information
Pictures and basic description with links to better resources.

Sentosa Island
Includes information on transport, attractions, location, events and accommodation.

Singapore Cable Car
Cable car services to Sentosa Island.

Snow City
Singapore's first permanent indoor snow centre.

Suntec City
Links to the activities and events organized.

Underwater World Singapore
Tropical oceanarium on Sentosa Island including virtual tours of exhibits and information on programmes, conservation and education.

Singapore Ducktours
Tours of the city and harbor on a converted Vietnam War amphibious craft. Details on the craft, destinations, prices and local attractions.

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Maps and Views
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Budget Airlines

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Buses to Malaysia

Transnasional Bus
Backed by more than 30 years of experience servicing millions passengers all over the nation, Transnasional is the largest leading transportation operator in Malaysia.

Provides express coach to main cities of West Malaysia and Southern part of Thailand.

Operator of the Plusliner and NiCE Executive Coach services plying the North-South Expressway, covering major towns and cities sprawled across Malaysia

Yet another option on buses to Malaysia

Provides coach services for individual travellers, backpackers and commuters of Singapore to various destination in West Malaysia.

Providing various tour packages as well as express and charter coach services.

Aeroline is a First Class Shuttle serving the Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Route.

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The more popular routes among passengers include Kuala Lumpur – Hatyai, Kuala Lumpur – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Tumpat and Singapore – Tumpat.

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Welcome to The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore!

This is a site about travelling to Singapore on the cheap
We'll help point you in the right direction
This is a site with a whole lot of pictures of Singapore
A picture speaks a thousand words
This is a site about having fun in Singapore
What locals do, and where they do it
This is a site about a backpackers hostel
Right smack in Historic Little India
This is a site about a dream. Our dream

We at The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore, hope we're doing something that benefits backpackers or travellers coming to or passing through or backpacking Singapore. Chances are, we're not going to be on the list of recipients for the nobel peace prize anytime soon, but we're working towards it.

Hop on into our Singapore Hostel's site, take a look, contribute, criticize, whatever's your cuppa tea. Anyhoo, if you need some information about Singapore, Singapore Hostels, stuff you want to know about travelling to this country or feedback, feel free to contact us. We'll try our best to see how we can help. Cheers! - Hai, The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore.

Exceptional Effort Outstanding Contribution - STB

Singapore's best guesthouse - Mark Lewis. - ROUGH GUIDES

Funky, convivial, stylish, spotless, modern, comfy, cosy - LONELY PLANET

Afterall, this is the man who put Singapore on the backpackers map - TODAY

If only all hostels were as welcoming as this. - Author's Choice, Simon Richmond - LONELY PLANET

Wiinner - Pioneering efforts in building up a vibrant hostel scene in Singapore, serving the needs of backpackers. - STB



*  Our Aim & Mission
  Our Achievements
*  Accessibility
*  Facilities
*  Proper Breakfast
*  Security & Fire Safety
*  Privacy, & Cleanliness
*  Free Tours & Activities




Tourism Award Nominee"The Most Promising Tourism Star award for pioneering efforts in building up a vibrant hostel scene in Singapore, serving the needs of backpackers." - Singapore Tourism Board

"Best Hostel Ever!" - This ain't no blurb, it's straight up gospel. The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore clinched the Singapore Tourism Award with the support given to us by all our friends and bunkies. It's a fantastic feeling to receive well wishes from all over the world, even fellow hosteliers within Singapore and the region. THANK YOU!

The Most Promising Tourism StarConveyed in my speechlet during the awards, as much as it's about balancing a business, we're here more to build the backpacking culture and the friendships that follow.

We’re incredibly proud to have won The Singapore Tourism Awards (incidentally, this is a first for the hostelling scene in Singapore. YAY!).

The satisfaction comes not from polishing the plaque or the dusting of the citation. It stems from having achieved our aim of having set the standards and precedents for the backpacking culture in Singapore.

The Article from Today!Sure, we’re proud of our awards, BUT, the reason this award means so much to us is because it results directly from our bunkies' feedback. It’s one thing for the industry to say we excel at our job, but it’s the piece of pie to know our bunkies and friends think we do, and that's where it counts.

We feel even more pride in the fact that the InnCrowd has propagated worldwide mostly by the word of mouth. Taking pride of place is still Our Guestbook. It lays testament to the direction our bunkies and us have charted for the hostel, together.

So what does this all really mean? Nada. Why? Simply because this award is not about me. This award belongs to "Us". "Us" being people who have sacrificed for the hostel. "Us" being the people who keep the hostel running like the atomic clock. "Us" being the flesh and blood behind the hostel. "Us" being friends of The InnCrowd. "Us" being the friends who believe in The InnCrowd. And last but not least, all of us who seek the experiences that travel provides.




Singapore Hostel - The InnCrowd Backpackers' Hostel SingaporeOne BRAND SPANKING NEW and the other NEWLY RENOVATED. With cozy, friendly, intimate and fun in mind, we gutted one 2.5 storey and another 3 storey turn of the century conservation shophouse, re-built, space planned and out-fitted the interior to be THE ULTIMATE BACKPACKERS' HOSTEL in sunny Singapore while retaining all the Glorious Architectural influence of old, albeit with a twist!

Map of our locationBoth The InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel Singapore are within 1 min walk of each other and are located at the start of bustling Historic Little India Conservation District, the only genuine ethnic quarter in Singapore. Straddling the shopping and party belt of Orchard Road, Suntec City, boat Quay and the Civic District, it's the perfect location to start exploring Singapore from.

TIP: Grab the free "Official Map Of Singapore" from the Airport or Tourist Information. It focuses on the City Centre. On the Map, Bugis MRT Station is located on grid 4G, and The InnCrowd Hostel is on grid 6E, Dunlop Street. It's an orange colored building.





MRT (Tube) Mass Rapid Transit - 6 mins walk from either of the 2 lines , Bugis, Green Line from the Airport, or Little India, Purple Line.

Public Buses - SBS Transit Bus - 3 whole mins walk to any of the 6 bus-stops gives you access to more than 70+ bus routes plying all over the island.

Taxis - You ARE in town, you'd probably be just walking anyways.

Most of the amenities and attractions in Singapore we have listed on our website are within sight from our hostel. There are free shuttle buses to the beaches on the East Coast Parkway even! Anyhoo, I'd have very much like to impressively list the 20,000 buses that ply the roads adjacent to us that heads downtown, but there's a slight problem, we ARE downtown.

TIP: You can check with to verify locations.





We have a large but very comfortable and cosy communal area occupying a full 50% or 172 sqm, you get more than elbow room here.

More on The InnCrowd Hostel SingaporeToilets & Showers - Country club styled toilets & showers or open air roof top showers.

Sundecks - Catch a tan or chill on our roof top sundecks. More on The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore

Travel Library - Stocked with a MEGA COLLECTION of best sellers and UP-TO-DATE maps, road and travel guides from Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Frommers, Let's Go etc.

More on The InnCrowd Hostel SingaporeInternet - Edit and burn your trip pics or keep in touch using wireless Broadband on cutting edge PCs with LCD flat panel displays.

Pool & Games - Competition standard pool table, foosball, Janga, Risks, Pictionery, Twisters and many other board and card games!

More on The InnCrowd Hostel SingaporePub, Cheap Beer, Music - Alfresco or air conditioned comfort, a state of the art sound system fit for a dance club and DTS audio for our mega projection and LCD TVs.

More on The InnCrowd Hostel SingaporeAverage beer prices in atypical pub starts from abt $8'ish, we've pegged Singapore's Award Winning Tiger Beer to start from less than half that. No nonsense discounts. Just nett prices.




Talk about feeling at home...Included in our price is a HEARTY breakfast. There's eggs, toast, spreads, fruit jams, coffee, tea and of course, MARMITE.

iMore on The InnCrowd Hostel SingaporeWe have a FULLY equipped stainless steel and maple kitchen. Yes, there's the kitchen that has to be cleared after, no matter, but only because that's what we would want ourselves. Like a Ferrari, a full kitchen may not be totally necessary to some, but to us, it's just nice to have.




Our buildings are permanently locked, armed and monitored. Entry into our premises is only through access codes.

On top of having a constantly manned/wo-manned reception there is also an electronic fire zone monitoring system. There are other security measures as well, but it would defeat the purpose if we made it known, be rest assured it's state-of-the-art and linked to the Police and Fire Stations.




Unheard of in a dormitory? Not anymore. You'd have to see it to know. It's a stroke of genius - so says those who have bunked here.

InnCrowd Hostel SingaporeSkylights and full height windows allows natural light to permeate the dorms. Whether you walk or crawl, we guarantee you a WIDE and CLEAR path to your bed.

Dedicated space and rooms for securing your backpacks in the dorms. You won't trip, stumble and fall or be bugged by the rustle of plastic bags or the un-zipping of bags when you're crashing, or if you're the one packing for that matter.

nnCrowd Hostel SingaporeYou catch your zzz's in style and fully climate controlled air-conditioned comfort. You get proper fitted cotton bedding, regularly sanitized orthopedic pocketed spring mattresses (meeting BCA's Standards), fluffy support pillows, authentic woven indian blankets and most importantly, peace and quiet.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The peeps who run this pad stays here. The owner stays here. The people who cleans and keeps this pad in order stays here. This is their home. Go figure.



FastFacts - The "I should have found out about that earlier... " category. Stuff about Singapore, shopping, budget accommodations, hostels & stuff that would be nice to know before you even get here... More>>

About our hostel

THE INNCROWD HOSTEL SINGAPORE - Details on Ver 1.1@Campbell & 2.0@Dunlop. Aside from giving tips on how to travel around Singapore cheaply, this site also contains details of our backpackers' hostel ... More>>

OURSELVES - To start off with, we hope to think we're doing something that benefits backpackers /travelers coming to or passing through Singapore. Chances are, we're not going to be on the list of recipients for the nobel peace prize anytime soon ... More>>

Your stay with us

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING YOUR STAY - At The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore, every other day is an event with us. We're a relatively active bunch of people. Active not in the sense that we'd go bungee jumping off the top of buildings or paragliding over traffic jams ... More>>

Self-Guided Walking Tour Index

SELF GUIDED WALKING TOURS - We've worked out 10 different full-day self-guided Singapore tours. These FREE & Printable self guided tours have been planned and tested by us and have proven to be a hit for those who have adopted them ... More>>

Foodies' Galore

THE FOOD MECCA - Visitors who decide to check out a hawker centre are usually at a loss as to what to order. We will show you the Singapore way, with description and where they can be found. The various types of cheap and mouth-watering food sold ... More>>


FESTIVITIES & EVENTS - We've also picked out several festivals and events in Singapore which are definitely worth the stay to experience e.g. Thaipusam ... More>>

Our Photo Gallery

SCENES OF SINGAPORE - A pictorial on Singapore. The sights and smells comes to life in this categorized gallery of what Singapore is all about ... More>>

THE INNCROWD'S TRAVEL FORUMS - The InnCrowd Hostel's very own discussion board on the ins and outs of Singapore, her neighbors and whatever that comes to mind. Welcome to the InnCrowd Hostel's Travel Community ... More>>

THE ESSENTIAL TRAVEL LINKS - or rather, what we think is essential. Good page to bookmark. Embassies, Hostel Singapore, credit cards, emergencies, stuff... More>>

A GUIDE ON SHOPPING FOR ELECTRONICS IN SINGAPORE - Hopefully, this page will give you an idea about the highs and lows of shopping for electronics, digital cameras and stuff in Singapore ... More>>




* About The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore
* Quick guide to our website
* Attractions, food, electronics and more
* Fast facts on coming to Singapore
* What's left in Singapore

The Essential Travel Links Page
* Related Links



Happenings @ The InnCrowd


We don't charge. You pay for what you order or do. Depending on where the mood takes us, we have loads of spots up our sleeve. We can make promises, but talk is cheap, a picture speaks a thousand words, and we've got galleries. Nuff' said.

More on The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore >>

Picture speaks a gazillion words...

Our Secret Island... Literally.
To be penned in for days of sunshine. We like it, we do it. A trip to a secret island on our very own speedboat!.

InnCrowd goes green.
Peekers cast green looks of envy... literally. No whereelse offers FREE, thrilling, xootr scooter tour like us, let alone like the way we do it. talk is cheap, take a peek...

BBQ, InnCrowd's Style
To be penned in for Fridays. Can't think of a better way to satisfy the soul. A peck of home away from home. Ahhh, the comfort of soul food.

Our Easter Bash
Chocolate fondue! And an Eggstraordinary competition with the winner being treated to a midnight tour of the sights of Singapore on the biggest production Scooter in the world.

The month of Cookouts
Guest chef, and not forgetting to mention great friend, Bjorn from Sweden treated us to a show of culinary expertise, pannbiff. With Paulie following up with a Devil Steak from downunder. Ping, Chelle, Kim and yours truly had a go at grubbing and history was made with this also being ping's very first attempt at cooking. It was good. Really.

The InnCrowd's Lifeguards
The bunkies to the rescue of TIC caught in a monsoon deluge. Beach Road Chicken rice for all! Ping's Birthday was shared with friends and friends on the 7 and 8 of March. She gets to have 2 cakes.
St Paddy's Day
Nary a crazier night to be had than for an Irish laddie presiding over St Paddy's Day.
Valentine's Day CD Ball
Our annual VD's Cross Dressing Ball was a hoot. Too much of one actually. Most of the guys were enjoying the dressing bit a tad too much.
The Engagement
The REAL Hoot at Hooter's Singapore. Had our very own bunkies giving a go at being a hooter's girl, successfully.
Around the world on a bike
One of these days... that's what I'm gonna do. Have to admire the spunk of some. I never have much faith in the mechanics of a motorbike. One day...
The Big Stir Fry
When in Rome, do as the Singaporeans do. A traditional reunion dindin, with real hotpot and all.
Thieves & a Hindi Wedding
The re-opening of the infamous thieves market in Little India and an invite to a traditional Indian Wedding from a buddy from Dravidar Wines.
A shot at a rush, literally. Catapulted to a terminal speed of 160mph in 2.6 secs. It's a tad faster than the world's fastest production motorcycle, and even an F1 car.
InnCrowd's Killer Pool Comp.
Another first on another front with locals thrown into the fray. A great way to pass a rainy night.


The main focus of Festivities! With happenings right at our door step, literally! We're in the thick of it!

Hari Raya
Celebrations at Kampong Gelam. The first-ever light-up at Kampong Gelam with post Hari Raya celebrations and festivities.

Deepavali/Diwali Deepavali/Diwali
Marking the festival of lights, Little India will transform into an explosion of colours and lights as Serangoon Road takes on a festive buzz. The streets of Little India become an exotic treat for the senses in celebration of Deepavali.
Festival Bazaar Festival Bazaar
During this glittering season, Campbell Lane and Dunlop Street will be transformed into a festive village. Streets bustling with stalls selling festive goodies from decorations to food.
Navarathiri Festival Navarathiri
It is that time of the year again - when the women of the house bring down the heavy "trunk potti" bearing all the golu dolls.
Theemidhi/Thimithi Theemidhi
Witness the faith, courage and endurance of Hindu devotees at this breathtaking fire-walking ceremony honoring Goddess Draupadi at Sri Mariamman Temple.
Silver Chariot Procession Silver Chariot Procession
Follow this majestic traditional procession as devout Hindus carry the glorious statue of Goddess Draupadi.


The Tribe has spoken.

The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore  - minibarWe started running of what we thought to be THE Backpackers Hostel from ground zero. Totally without experience, zilch, nada. Just from our own experiences, ideals and expectations. More than that, we also relied on the feedback and suggestions of our bunkies and thus, we constantly evolve.

The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore  - minibarThe consolation that the buildings belongs to us makes it less of a pain for us to outfit it the way we want, the way we expect it to be. The decision was the easy bit.

The tricky bit was planning for noise control and additional unobtrusive security measures, but that's done now, it's all good.

Little India Historic District

It's great to see an area evolve by itself. The streetscape of Historic Little India has seen changes over the past months. More street stalls, a proliferation of local eateries, pubs. It's just springing up all over!

The Blu Jaz CafeRight next door, we've got CountrySide, derived from love and comfort food. It's cafe fare with a twist. The usual grill works, nachos, chips and cheese, pastries, cakes and coffee galore. Throw in your daily dose of macchiato, latte, iced mocha and stuff, made with real coffee beans and you shell out less than half the clams you would at the regular coffee chains. Lunch and dinner menus rotate between local stuff, most of which are 'branded'. Twice as good, half as cheap, literally.

Our regular barbys are held together now as they throw in a slight panache to the whole affair with tables, chairs, candlelights and more importantly, they've got beer! We use to rough it out on the floors or wherever we can find a spot to park our ass.30 seconds crawl from us will bring alkys to the myriads of watering holes. But I have to clarify, making your way back through the thick alcoholic haze will take you slightly longer, that is if you can still catch your bearings. It's a drinking hole with a beer garden in Little India. Backpackers with affiliations gets discounts off list, pick up a discount coupon from us if you don't.

Another barbieWe know alcohol isn't the cheap in Singapore and it does crack the budget, but we GURANTEE, it will be here, let's just say it's for the good of mankind.

That my friends, is EXACTLY how seriously we take our feedback.


The Hostel Evolves

Being quite happy with our country club styled showers and toilets in Ver 2.0, we decided to just go ahead with the building works at our Campbell location. Apparently, it scores big time with our girl bunkies. Although it's been only just over a year since we opened our doors to welcome friends from the world over, renovation to The InnCrowd Ver 1.0 @Campbell is along the way.

Raunchy Andy
Sluts of TIC


You can't help but feel a loss when people who walk in as strangers (Yes, Andy was strange.) leave as friends. Blinking back tears, we bade farewell to Andy (aka Gecko aka DJ Aspec, and more recently aka Babs Her Vajesty) this afternoon.

Having been with us since December, this wee Scottish lad never failed to offer a cheerful smile, a patient ear or sausage and mash. Discounting the fact that I have to wake up earlier than usual, I will miss him, and his bacon sandwich. He happens to be one of the very colourful character that makes running a backpackers' hostel meaningful.

Life is great.

The Plus of Running a Hostel

I kinda like expected something like this to happen sooner or later. When peeps meet, talk, all sortsa things happen. Occasionally, you hear snippets of conversations. I was privy to one last night which went:

Boy: "Wacha doin tamarr" (thick Aussie Accent.)
Girl: "Dunno."
Boy: "Yeah, me neither."
Girl: "Think it will rain?"
Boy: "Dunno."
Girl: "Yeah, me neither."
Boy: "Wattabout if it don't rain, we git married?
Girl: "Ok, if it don't rain."
Boy: "Duh, ok, it's sorted then. Thanks."
Girl: "You're welcome."

My friends, it did not rain today, and yes, we had our first marriage proposal at the InnCrowd, and of course our first acceptance. I was scratching my head over this. Methinks I was more in shock than the person proposed to. But I also think that in any relationship, effort is also necessary to keep the boat afloat. So if the chemistry is sizzling, and you feel that it's probably the way to go, I'd say go for it! Frivolous it is not. If I decide to spend the rest of my life with someone, I'd like the rest of my life with someone special to start as soon as possible.

Our Walking Tour

Abdul Gafoor Mosque Ping took the bunkies on a temple walk starting with the very beautiful Abdul Gafoor Mosque two minutes walk away. I recently learned that the land on which it stands on has a 'wakaf' (I think, I'll double check) status. Meaning that it's permanently designated as a religious site of historic significance. The bunkies were treated to an extra long, extra detailed tour courtesy of the vice-chairman himself on the grand premise. The mosque started off as a building by itself. A manager of a law firm took the initiative of building little huts and shops on the land around the mosque, rented them out, and the proceeds then went into the refurbishment of the present day spectacle.

icecream sandwichDuring the walk to the Chinese and Hindu Temples at Waterloo, our bunkies were introduced to chinese 'chow chien' (Fortune Telling), ice cream sandwich in colored bread and also gave offerings of incense to the gods. Muslim Mosque, Hindu and Chinese Temple, let's just call it insurance.

sungei road thieves' marketAfter a bit 'o break back at the hostel, it was my turn to lead them on a culinary quest. We headed through the thriving thieves market to THE coffeeshop. laksaAt this point in time, I have to make one thing sure from today onwards, food is meant to be EATEN. Everyone had a field day taking oodles of pix of the double broiled black chicken herbal soup. Tourist.



Disclaimer : The contents in this site are provided for informational purposes. While we try to keep it accurate and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee that it always will be. If you see something in our site that should be corrected or updated, let us know. Some of the links on this site may contain live references to information created and maintained by other organizations. Please note that we do not control and cannot guarantee the relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of these outside materials. Use information here at your own risk, BUT, I assure you, we try. : )

A lot of sweat, effort and time has been put into this website. We believe that information is to help and be shared amongst travellers, So if it's for a non commercial purpose, write me if you want to use any of our contents. If you're intending on plagiarizing and copying, DON'T, go get your own.

The Singapore Hostel - The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore
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